About Us

East Theatre Company is a volunteer-led, 501c3 that supports students and programming all year round. All donations for ETC are tax deductible under the acronym DEFT — the tax ID is 84-1557372.

Why Do We Raise Money?

Funding from East High School only covers about 30% – 38% of the cost of a production. Participation in the ETC program offering collegiate level education and counseling, professional sets and costumes and a unique space in which many kids can find a safe, supportive place and builds life skills that they can take into any field after high school.

Food Donations

The East Theatre Company serves approximately 1,000 meals each year – a tremendous feat for a very few number of volunteers. The cost of food is an average of $150 per student and we understand that not all families have the ability to contribute that amount. By contributing to the cost of food it relieves the burden on a very small group of student guardians, it assures us enough food and consistency for each day. Ordering food also eliminates allergy concerns because restaurants are accustomed to this need.